Funnies headed to Lloyd

By Geoff Lee

December 13, 2016 12:00 AM

FUNNY MEN Comedian Ben Proulx from Edmonton teams up with Lloydminster-raised comedian Charles Haycock for a night of chuckles at The Root. SUBMITTED PHOTO

Comedian Charles Haycock, originally from Lloydminster and now living in Edmonton,  will provide the opening chuckles for fellow Edmonton comedian, Ben Proulx who is headlining at The Root.
The 90 minute show is slated for the evening of Thursday, Dec. 15.
“Charles is a great kid,” said Proulx in a phone interview Friday.
“I went on the road with him yesterday too, and we had a blast—Charles is kind of a breed of his own.”
Haycock has been making waves in the Canadian comedy scene as one of the top up-and-comers.
He’s won Edmonton’s Funniest Person with a Day Job, as well as having performed at the 2016 Kamloops Comedy Festival, Nextfest 2015, and the 2015 Global Visions Film Festival.
Proulx said he picked Haycock because their styles are so different and he compares him to Mitch Hedberg.
“He’s got the same style but they kind of both have a unique thought process where they just take these mundane things and really put the magnifying glass on them,” said Proulx.
“It’s fun to watch; he’s got some interesting thoughts.”
Having attended one of Trump’s election rallies in person, Proulx is also hilarious and with plenty of jokes in the bag about U.S. president elect.
“I still talk about that because you can’t not talk about it—it was amazing,” said Proulx, who added there were no persons of colour in the crowd—not one.
“And as I came up to him (Trump) he said ‘are you Jewish’ and I said ‘ya, I am’ and then he called me the N word and left—even their racism is uneducated.”
When he talks politics, it’s usually about the bigger stories people already know about.
“Right now, I have been talking a little bit more about American politics because they’re fun,” he said.
Proulx has been featured on CBC television and radio, and has performed at such international festivals as the Las Vegas World Series of Comedy, the Edmonton Comedy Festival, Calgary Comedy Festival, Okanagan Comedy Festival, as well as having performed for the Canadian troops.
He can also be seen in TV shows including Fargo, Hell on Wheels, and Heartland, and was in the Oscar Award-winning movie The Revenant.
In June, Proulx recorded his first comedy special, Broken, but he noted he’s not yet allowed to say which TV station on which it’s airing.
He also published a book called “One Leg to Stand On” finding the funny side of himself as a one legged amputee.
“I lost my leg when I was three, so I’ve got a ton of stories that were too long winded for the stage, but I decided to write these down for myself,” he said.
He said the book is bunch of random stories about growing up with one leg and pulling pranks on substitute teachers with his prosthetic leg.
“I definitely see the humour in stuff that’s happened to me in my life,“said Proulx.
“If you can take the worst part of your life and make it funny, then it takes the power away from it.”
He said he gets people all the time coming up to him and saying ‘my cousin has one leg’ or ‘my brother has one arm and they would love you.’
“I have a lot of amputee fans,” he joked.
Proulx said the opening set of jokes by Haycock will stoke the audience for more laughs from the two of them.
“Charles is very different from me,” he said.
“He’s a cool kid—he’s also a yo-yo master and he’s won a bunch of yo-yo-ing awards.”

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