Noyce knocks 'em out with pic

By Geoff Lee

May 25, 2017 12:00 AM

The gloves are on This pic by Border City photog Nicole Noyce has been selected to be displayed in a national exhibition. SUPPLIED PHOTO

Lloydminster photographer Nicole Noyce scored a career knockout punch with her black and white image of a local boxer.
Her Strike with Venum photo has been selected as one of the top 40 images in Canada for inclusion in a national exhibition.
The photo of Lloydminster Comprehensive High School grad, Ethan Lacusta has been added to the Professional Photographers of Canada Loan Collection for 2017, celebrating the best Canadian professional photography.
Three other Noyce photos of local residents were accepted into the 2017 National Image Salon of the PPOC, at the organization’s annual conference in Ottawa earlier this month.
Noyce was unable to attend, but said the accolades affirm her confidence in her photography.
“It tells me that the product I am providing to my clients is the highest quality,” she said.
She said her goal is to always please the customer.
“I want them to leave knowing they were the most important thing during that session, and that I will be providing the absolute best that I can.
“This award affirms that I am able to provide that for them.”
The standout photo of Lacusta boxing was taken in Noyce’s studio for his 2016 graduation to depict his interest in the sport, with the look of flying sweat.
“We had a towel on the punching bag that was drenched in water, so that it would spray back at him,” explained Noyce.
It was an artistic touch that paid off with the special PPOC award.
“I try to do the best for each client when they come and the outcome is often something I can complete with, but I can only compete with four or five images a year,” she said.
“Out of the five images that I submitted, four of them were winning images.”
Her four winning images are posted on her Facebook page.
The idea behind her graduation photos, which she is busy with right now, is to tell their story through their interest, as boxing was to Lacusta, who came dressed for the part.
“The effort behind the image is great, because obviously, he’s in fantastic shape and he’s trained for it,” said Noyce.
Venum is the brand name of his gloves shown in the photo.
She said she feels it’s a celebration of the kids when they come, and they bring something that shows their interest or represents their achievements.
“It’s a way to celebrate that by taking photos of it, because that time will pass, and it documents that point in time,” said Noyce.
“I try to tell the story of the person.”
She recalled the story of a family client that was really into travel, and the travelled all over the world.
“We got a great big world map and we got a globe, and we had them sitting around this and they were having a conversation,” she said.
“They loved the outcome of the photo.”
In 2016, Noyce won the Best in Class award in Figure Study for her Sculpted Reach image, that was selected for inclusion in the Loan Collection as well.
By winning that, she received her Master of Photographic Arts designation, which she continues to build on.
The annual competition features entries from across Canada in 21 different classes, including press, portrait, architecture and fashion.
Noyce’s studio, north of Lloydminster, is set in the midst of 40 acres of forested land overlooking Killarney Lake where she’s built a terrace.
“It will seat 140 people for a wedding ceremony, that’s something that we’ve added,” she said.
Right now, she said, the cycle of her photography work is grads, then weddings, and family portraits come summer and fall.

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