Video calf auction thrills M.C. Quantock

By Geoff Lee

October 4, 2017 2:32 PM

Bulls raised by M.C. Quantock Livestock in Lloydminster and sold to North West Cattle Co. Ltd. in Dawson Creek B.C. over the years at the annual January Quantcock bull sale, sired 1,396 calves that were auctioned in 59 minutes during a live video auction in Dawson Creek on Sept 22. that Quantock helped to promote. FILE PHOTO

A loud bullroar of approval was heard at M.C. Quantock Livestock in Lloydminster following the lightning-quick sale of 1,396 calves sired by their hybrid bulls.
“That is almost a record time,” said Mac Creech, who owns Quantock and helped to promote the sale.
The calves sold in just 59 minutes at a live online video auction by North West Cattle Company Ltd. in Dawson Creek B.C. on Sept. 22 .
The sale was hyped by Quantock on their website as they like to help customers that are volume buyers of bulls at their annual January sale in Lloydminster.
Creech said North West Cattle bought 17 Quantock bulls this year and has been buying a similar number for several years to yield the 1,396 calves.
Creech sent an email to their database of more than 900 cattlemen in advance of the sale to help market the calves.
His records show that more than 350 people on the email list clicked through the catalogue to view the calves.
Creech said in an online posting that when it comes to marketing, there’s no such thing as too much publicity, as they are in the bull business 365 days a year.
He described his role in the auction as just providing moral support for a good customer.
“It just lets the cattle industry know those calves are selling,” he said.
The North West Cattle auction was held at the Vold, Jones & Vold (VJV) Auction Mart using the show alley format, with the calves sold in uniform lots of 100 or 110.
More of the buyers were by-order buyers, including one unnamed feed company in southern Alberta that bought 900 of the available calves.
Most of these cattle were bought by Alberta and B.C. feedlot operators.
Feedlots are where cattle are fed to grow to weights of up to 1,400 lbs before they are transported to a slaughterhouse for meat production.
Most of the calves at the VJV Auction were bought remotely, which is not usual for sellers and buyers in the digital world.
“Large numbers of cattle are now traded by video auction, so the cattle are described and weighed, so they know the conditions,” said Creech.
Creech partly attributes the success of these sales to the reputation of the calves sired by his bulls.
“They know those North West Cattle calves are going to perform in their feedlot for them,” he said.
It was win-win auction especially for North West Cattle that got good prices.
“They were very pleased with the prices; prices were up over last year,” said Creech.
“It’s stronger than it was a year ago and Northwest was very satisfied with their auction; the overall mood was one of lots of optimism; the industry is pretty solid.”
Quantock’s next big event is what they call their Super Sister heifer sale at the North Central Livestock stockyard in Vermilion on Dec. 12.
In the meantime, the beat goes on at Quantock in the lead-up to their next annual bull sale on Jan. 27 2018 at the Lloydminster Exhibition Grounds.
“We’re starting to gather cattle here pretty soon and gather feed for winter and all throughout October we will wean and process cattle,” said Creech.
“The bulls are on grass for the bull sale in January and they’ll start to come home and get positioned and put on feed for the bull sale—there is always something.”

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