Beware the Nonchalant Extravagance

The above quote is old, but not outdated. Its author speaks of a post-Second World War era where people that lived on rations and sacrificed more than just their taxes to a common effort felt they could… more »

Signs of spring

Do you suppose spring is just around the corner? There are a few signs that give us hope. more »

Words are my canvas

With my hands hovering on top of the keyboard poised to type, my mind wanders and I envision that words are my canvas. Most days these words come easily just like the steady flow from a breathtaking waterfall. more »

Rise and shine!

Ever had one of those mornings when you know you should have just stayed in bed?
I experienced one not long ago and have decided to take you along for the whole miserable re-enactment. Lucky you. more »

We're open for business

The Lloydminster and District Agricultural Co-operative Association (Co-op) was founded in 1914 by the united efforts of determined men from the community and surrounding district. more »

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